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World’s Reigning Oldest Man Retires at 113

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At 113 years old, Francisco Núñez Olivera hung up his cleats in his race to be the oldest living man. The supercentenarian Spaniard died in February in his home, making Masazou Nonaka of Japan the current title holder. He is 112 years old.

Friends and family attributed Francisco’s long life to a mix of good genes, a stress-free and active lifestyle, a mediterranean diet, and a glass of red wine each day. He was one of 32 people in his village of Bienvendia over the age of 90. Olivera took daily walks until he was 107 years old.


Life expectancy varies in the world by region. And by county in the U.S., where healthcare inequality plays a major role in determining when Americans’ meters run out. The U.S. spends more per person on healthcare than anywhere else in the world, but money doesn’t necessarily buy a longer life. In fact, despite the expense, America comes in 31st place in overall life expectancy. Spain, in contrast, sits comfortably in fourth place.

Diet, lifestyle, genes, and health care are all important factors contributing to life expectancy. Perhaps a practical approach may include ways to reduce stress because it’s a benefit that increases the enjoyment of life no matter how long a ride you have left.

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