April 13, 2022 | By


I’ve been talking about the potential anti-aging drug metformin for a few years now, and I’ve been taking it for eight years. This is a very interesting article that came out recently.


A finding out of Denmark on an adverse effect of metformin on fertility. If you wish to skip this article, basically for three months before trying to conceive a child you should stop metformin. It should be noted this was in men who had diabetes and not necessarily men who may be using metformin as an anti-aging medication. The birth defects were only found in male children. This clearly needs further studies. Having said that I still think if I was using metformin for anti-aging and trying to conceive a child I would stop metformin for three months before trying to conceive.

We know it does have a role on testosterone levels by increasing sex hormone binding globulin, which effectively blocks access to testosterone in the blood.