June 6, 2022 | By


Over the years I’ve talked a great deal about metformin and about both the benefits and the issues. As you will discover in the following article you’ll read they found no cardiovascular protection with metformin. Interestingly, I never thought this was a reason for taking metformin. I did it because I know that cancer is a very mature cell that unlike healthy cells in your bodies which can use protein carbs or fats, cancer often can only use sugar. I assume this was the reason that type 2 diabetics had a lower incidence of cancer because metformin decreases sugar without using insulin. At around 50 many of your organs will go insulin resistance which means your blood sugar is normal but your sugar in your brain or your other tissues is still going very high, and metformin would prevent this from happening. This is not backed up by science, but I wondered if this might play a small role in the reason that cancer manifests in people over the age of 50 more than someone in their 20s.

The second reason that I take metformin is because of the blood sugar going very high in the brain I would say science is leaning towards one of the forms of Alzheimer’s disease being type 3 diabetes. Again insulin resistance at 50 and its role in this pathology would make sense to use metformin.

All of these assumptions need to be validated with proper clinical trials. We do not have definitive validation at this point in time for taking or not taking metformin. I’m hoping that they start the TAME study at Einstein university.