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The CEO of GoFundMe.com released a chilling statistic: one third of all the sites campaigns are for medical bill assistance. The sites states that over 250,000 campaigns have raised over $650 million in contributions to medical aide alone.

The rates of uninsured Americans are at a four-year high, 13.7 percent adults report they are without any form of medical insurance. During the recent government shutdown, employees were forced to created GoFundMe.com campaigns, including one to assist with an ongoing breast cancer battle and another for a child with diabetes.


GoFundMe.com is a crowdfunding site that allows users to connect with large communities to help achieve personal and professional goals through financial assistance.

Rob Soloman, GoFundMe’s CEO, said in a statement,  “While we didn’t set out to be one of the most influential health care companies in the world, if we have to serve that purpose, I feel very proud about that.”

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