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About eight years ago I was speaking with Peter Attia about the possibility that Alzheimer’s disease was type 3 diabetes.  Despite not having high serum levels of glucose the impaired metabolism of glucose in the brain may start the cascade of events that cause one of the forms of Alzheimer’s disease.  As you know I do not believe Alzheimer’s disease is homogeneous.  I think it’s heterogeneous.  Some of the multiple causes are impaired lipid metabolism, or infections by viruses or bacteria.  In some people it may be a combination of a virus and bacteria.  I feel this combination of a virus or bacterial infection may also play a role in some cases of ALS.

To skip the scientific paper below it simply discusses the areas of the brain involved in Alzheimer’s disease which have flawed glucose metabolism:


This flawed glucose metabolism in the brain may also be one of the reasons that metformin (which doesn’t need insulin to lower glucose) has demonstrated it lowers the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in a number of studies.  Again, I qualify this commentary on the use of metformin, which should be reviewed in the context of a previous note that I wrote on the yin and the yang of metformin which you can read here at: